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Wiscon Schedule

A while back michaeldthomas suggested people volunteer for the understaffed panels, so I did. And I was put on some. They're spiffy!

Roll to See If I Advance the Plot
Sat 4:00 - 5:15PM
From Philip K. Dick's rumored use of the I Ching in The Man in the High Castle to Italo Calvino's use of Tarot cards in The Castle of Crossed Destinies, authors have used a number of games of chance or other random mechanisms to come up with stories. More recently, sillier methods have come up on the Internet, like the iTunes Plot Generator or the Evil Overlord Devises A Plot. Panelists will speculate on some of the advantages and flaws of each method, and then create several stories using these techniques.
Panelists M: Margaret Ronald, F. J. Bergmann, Laurel Amberdine

Your Electric Critics
Sun 1:00 - 2:15PM
Writers groups and slush piles are two of the basics for new authors. Traditionally, writers met with a group of other local aspiring authors and critiqued each others work. Then they would send off their newly polished babies to a publisher, where they would be smothered in the slush pile. With the web, there are some interesting new wrinkles in this formula. Online critique groups like Critters make it easy to find other writers, and sites like Baen's Bar and Authonomy promise to make the slush pile a visible, living thing. How useful are they? Can you really get published using them? And what the best ways to make them work for you?
Panelists M: Jack McDevitt, Laurel Amberdine, Carol F. Emshwiller, Gary Kloster

Is Print Finally Dead?
Mon 10:00 - 11:15AM
Realms of Fantasy goes the way of the dinosaur the month before WisCon 33. Is the print medium dying? Has the internet’s move from a handful of people perusing crappy websites for crappy stories and reviews, to the majority of people perusing mediocre websites for mediocre stories and reviews, sunk the ship of short story genre publishing and potentially destroyed book publishing as well?
Panelists M: James Frenkel, Laurel Amberdine, Pan Morigan, Jef a. Smith
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