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Okay, then!

Today, in summary: walked seven miles, had a mango slurpee, and embarrassed myself! Up next: a cold shower.


First the embarrassment. We're at my Mother-in-Law's house. She's an attorney, and often when I'm here she has clients come to sign papers, so I can be a witness. One such client came today, a charming, intelligent older Spanish man. Some corrections had to be made and reprinted, so I chatted with him while that was done. Later, after the papers were signed he mentioned something about upcoming travel, which he wasn't thrilled about because of the Swine Flu.

Mother-in-Law asked him some details, and we all discussed flu pandemics and in particular the relationship between the current flu and the 1918 strain which killed so many people. Like the dork I am (and anyone who knows me will attest) I blabbed opinionatedly about stuff. At one point the gentleman looked at me and asked how I knew these things. Hardly knew what to say. "I'm... a nerd?" I stammered.

Anyway, finished up that convo with the fun subject of how viruses mutate and how vaccines are created, etc, etc. I excused myself and went to my room. Came back a while later and my mother-in-law asked if I happened to have talked to the client about his work. I said no, and so she explained that not only was he an M.D., he was a retired professor from the medical school at Northwestern University.


Fortunately, she said he thought I was brilliant. :P But geeze! I really ought to check who I'm talking to before I go spouting off. *shiver*

Then, walk time. Chris and I walked to Caribou Coffee (iced americano, yay!), but that wasn't far enough so we walked to a 7-11, where I heard a bunch of teenage boys out in the parking lot discussing something mango. Huh. Inside, sure enough, they had mango-passionfruit Slurpees! WOOHOO. Being Father's Day in a suburb, we were tormented by the scent of grilling meats for all seven miles.

And now, hot and sweaty... it will be time to take a cold shower, because a few days ago the basement flooded in the last batch of giant thunderstorms, knocking out the pilot light on the water heater. Plumber expected tomorrow. :-/

(Also cannot run the A/C, reach most of the household food or paper products, or do any laundry. For once it is a good thing I overpack.)
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