Laurel Amberdine (amberdine) wrote,
Laurel Amberdine

Clarify Your Values

Reviewing a book on goal setting, and I came across these paragraphs, which I find interesting:

There are some insightful ways to help determine your true values. First of all, you can look at your past. How have you behaved under pressure in the past? What choices did you make with your time and money when you were forced to choose? Your answers will give you an indication of your predominant values at that time.

Dale Carnegie once wrote, "Tell me what gives a person his greatest feeling of importance, and I will tell you his entire philosophy of life." What makes you feel important? What raises your self-esteem? What increases your sense of self-respect and personal pride? What have you accomplished in your past life that has given you the greatest sense of pride and satisfaction? These answers will give you good indications of your true values.

I... find myself having to do a lot of thinking to figure this out. What about you guys? Easy answers or tough?

[Quote from Goals! by Brian Tracy, which, although I have a print copy, I just discovered is available for free as an ebook from here (Requires newsletter signup.)]
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