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The Story Experience

I have a few new books on hand to read. Normally this would be a cause for much rejoicing, but instead I find myself reluctant to commit to the next one in the queue. I've been disappointed in the last bunch of novels I read, so it feels likely that I'm going to waste a day and be disappointed again. Meh.

Note that this is VERY UNUSUAL FOR ME. I am an utter book addict. I normally pick up the next book within about a minute of finishing the last one. I have to limit my supply of novels on hand, or my cat and husband will both die of neglect. I am not terribly picky. Really, any sort of basic fiction will do.

Where am I finding these disappointing books, then? I'm getting them for free (through Amazon) because the publishers think they're sure-fire awesome, and worth spending big money to give lots of ARCs away.

This leads me to believe that (at least certain) publishers have a vastly different idea of what makes a novel awesome than I do... and considering the number of highly successful books I've adored over the years, I'm disturbed.

These novels I've been reading are all literary SF/F, often debuts. They all show great voice, great settings, and a lot of fine detail. No question the authors are very talented.

Unfortunately, these novels are also convoluted, disgusting, and/or depressing. THIS IS NOT WHY I READ. I want to be thrilled and entertained and swept away. I don't want vivid descriptions of bodily fluids, no matter how much artistry is employed. I really, really don't.

Without any evidence at all, I suspect that this kind of writing is what really wakes up a poor, jaded, slush-reading publishing-person. And I totally get that... but... it's making this reader not want to read any more.

It seems like all the fun stories with heart have moved to the YA shelves.
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