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About that set of books everyone's reading

I feel a (probably inappropriate) connection to the Hunger Games / Catching Fire / Mockingjay trilogy, because I really was the first one, at least of people I know, to read them.

When I got my invitation to the Vine program, this weird out-of-the-blue thing from Amazon, I had no idea what to expect. I accepted the invite and filled out my demographics and interests. A day or so later I got a link to a page with a long list of books to choose from. I could take two.

I didn't realize the whole mechanics of the program yet, I just knew there was this big list of FREE BOOKS. In retrospect, I should've expected that there wouldn't be anything familiar on the list. Vine books are always ARCs or prerelease copies of books publishers felt will benefit from promotion. Famous old bestsellers are not going to show up there.

Wasn't so much as a crumb of SF or F on the list. I was sad. Buuuuut. There was YA. And this one YA sounded awfully SFnal. Sure it sounded incredibly lame and stupid, too, but at least it was SF! That was The Hunger Games. I read it, loved it, posted my review, and recommended it whenever appropriate. So do publishing phenomenons begin.

(Got a review copy of Catching Fire, too. Nobody, of course, got an advance version of Mockingjay.)
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