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World Fantasy 2010

The good and the bad, with a minimum of name dropping.

All the people I get to talk to. The Codex presence was huge. And new people! New awesome people! General hanging out, silliness and parties. Occasional bits of insight into both the art and business of writing stories.

The Hyatt hotel was pretty nice. The quality was good and the service very friendly if notably overwhelmed by all of us. Which I found strange -- is this not the big hotel connected to a giant convention center? Do you never get a bunch of guests all at once? Dunno.

I didn't get out into Columbus at all, so I can't comment on it as a convention locale, except to say that I got to finally meet ccfinlay! He's too busy to travel to other conventions, but since this WFC was local, he could stop by. He's so fun and charming! raecarson is a lucky, lucky girl. I think all conventions should be held in Columbus from now on. ;)

view of the Big Bar on 2 from above

This is the problem with WFC. It's you over there in a cluster of people. I know you, I like you, and we don't get to talk much in person. But… I also know you've got career considerations. Is that an important business discussion you're engaged in? Are you making a connection with someone new and important? I can't tell; I'm not going to interrupt. Maybe I'll say hi in the hall or the elevator or the dealer's room if I get a chance, but if you don't come over to me, it's not going to happen, not at WFC. (At WisCon you're fair game though, hah.)

I'm sad, because the weekend goes by and we never get a chance to talk. Maybe you're busy, or you didn't see me. Maybe you're thinking the same thing I am. It's not as if I don't have my own cluster of people around. Still, it would've been fun to catch up with you.

Also, I didn't drink enough water while preparing for the con, traveling, or on the first day, so by Friday night I developed a kidney stone. If I seemed cranky and obsessed with finding things to drink Friday night/Saturday morning, that's why.
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