Laurel Amberdine (amberdine) wrote,
Laurel Amberdine

A Catholic Whine

I think there might be as many as three people here who even understand what I'm complaining about, but anyway.

I have spent almost all of my Catholic life in the Diocese of Peoria, which is, I believe, one of the best in the country. I can't think of anything improper I've seen in any parish there in the nearly 20 years I've been around that area.

Now, though, I'm spending a lot more time in the Chicago area. The nearby church is... I don't know, a third of a mile away? Easily walkable, which I thought was going to be GREAT! But instead it's so lame it's driving me bananas. The tabernacle is off in some other wing where I can't even see it. There's no crucifix visible, just... houseplants... behind the altar.

I am mildly tempted to join whatever committee has determined the church decor and suggesting adding maybe, I don't know, a fish tank to liven things up. Or kittens. C'mon, nothing says the love of God like kittens, amiright?!


Equally frustrating, they have what is easily the best choir I have ever heard, anywhere. I've been to cathedrals on Easter which did not come close to an ordinary Sunday here, performance-wise. But of course they're singing the most inane hymns I've ever encountered. When I would normally be singing, I'm instead gawking at the lyrics wondering where they even find this quality of drivel. (And I am by no means picky. The usual sappy hymns heard all over the USA are fine with me.)

Not sure what to do. I probably have six more months here, at least. If the weather wasn't so abysmal it'd be a lot easier to go further afield, but for the duration of winter at least, I guess I have to cope. Bleh.
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