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Tagged! 777

Meme TagA.T. Greenblatt tagged me and that hasn’t happened when I had anything I could share in a long time. Fun! Makes me miss the old days of everyone being on Livejournal.

Here’s the meme: Post 7 sentences of your work, start on page 7, count 7 lines down.

From my currently-finished (until someone else tells me to revise it) YA fantasy novel, Luminator.

Corin shook himself and refocused on the bare path. At the edges of his vision tiny glass butterflies flitted around the grass. And through their wings the blades of grass transformed into—no. Corin shut his eyes, only glancing to keep on track every few steps. Luminous might kill him, but he couldn’t let the island finish him off before he’d even reached the battlefield.

“Coming through,” an unfamiliar woman’s voice said.

I’ll tag a few people, but on Twitter. If they post, I’ll add the links.

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