August 22nd, 2015



I know that it’s important for writers to conduct themselves professionally. A lot of our work involves approaching busy strangers, and the first impression might be the only chance we get. I’m always looking for things I might have overlooked, or tips to help get over that first hurdle.

So, you know how gmail helpfully provides a little user icon, along with the name and email address?

Well well well

A while back on Twitter, an agent mentioned she was happy to see familiar faces with a query, so matching that gmail icon with your Twitter picture was nice. This seemed like a good idea!

I had to sign up for G+ (after avoiding it for years) in order to change my userpic, because OF COURSE, GOOGLE. Uploaded the picture that matches my Twitter account. Now that’s the one gmail shows me when I sign in.

gmail sign in

Great! Time to start sending out some professional correspondence!

Months later, I started working at Locus Magazine. One day I had to email myself something at work. At the office I opened that email and… um.





I set up that icon for an instant messaging program many years and a few computers ago. It was at hand and better than a blank. Somehow it must’ve got into gtalk, and now it appears that I have no way to change it.


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